Mar 292014

The Beginning

Twenty five years ago, on March 12, 1989 the World Wide Web was proposed by Tim Berners-Lee. That day changed our lives beginning with the way we gather information, the way we shop, to the way we read books and the way we communicate with our friends and family. All these things are now done with a computer, tablet or phone. Thermal Specialties & Installation Co. has embraced this new technology and provides self-service window quotes online for potential customers to get a budgetary quote immediately without contacting the sales department.

Busy Homeowners

Face to face meetings, friends getting together or even walking into a store for information on purchasing a product are a rarity these days. Facebook, Twitter, and online shopping have changed our thinking on social interaction. If you are a homeowner interested in replacement windows, would you want to spend the little time you have together as a family sitting down and listening to a two or three hour high-pressure sales presentation from a pushy salesman, ending with him offering a “tonight only” price? Of course not, especially when the answers to your questions are as close as the nearest computer or phone.

A New Approach

As the owner of Thermal Specialties and Installation Company, a window company operating for 30 years, I am also the co-founder of As a traditional window contractor, we have been offering no pressure sales estimates, emailed contracts and proposals for our customers for the last 14 of 30 years in business. Now we have taken it up a notch with a complete online pricing system to help the homeowner plan and complete their window projects. We feel self-service tools like this are the way of the future for all home improvements especially in the high tech community’s of Montgomery County Maryland and Arlington and Fairfax community’s of Northern Virginia. We truly hope it saves you some time out of your hectic schedule.