Apr 052014

Getting a customer’s information is the first in a series of steps that lead to a profitable home improvement project. It is also when the Moment of Trust occurs. Customers are trusting you with their information hoping to get something useful in return as to not waste their time. We have invested lots of money in our website, advertising and online pricing to get the chance to exchange Trust with a customer. We won’t blow it.

When a potential customer requests a online window quote, they are trusting you.
When you deliver a good quote via email to them almost instantly you have earned their trust.

Continue building the steps of trust to close the deal and earn their business..

Offer good products at a good price and you are one step closer to a sale….
Provide the “total” product with contractor licensing, financing and testimonials and you are one step closer to a sale….

Respect the customer and their time and you are one step closer to a sale….

The sale
If you established the Moment of Trust early and continued to build on it by giving the potential customer what they wanted through the process, you will win their business. People like to work with companies and people they trust, also they feel so much more comfortable doing business like this.