New Window Benefits

  • Maintenance Free – Never need painting inside or out.johnauston
  • Tilt-in Sashes – For safe and easy cleaning from inside your home.
  • 7/8 Insulated Glass – Twice the thickness of standard glass, reduces sound. Double pane out performs old windows by approx. 130%.
  • Easy Open Sashes – “Easy Glide” Constant Force Balance System for years of smooth window operation.
  • All Welded Vinyl Frame & Sashes – State-of-the-art manufacturing offers windows of unsurpassed quality and workmanship.
  • Screens & Security Locks – “Easy Touch” Cam-action locks and insect screens.
  • 10 Year Guarantee – 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee.
  • Low-E Glass & Argon Gas – Doubles Energy Efficiency & Cuts Ultraviolet Light. Learn More
  • Grids (Grills) – Internal (between the glass) grids for easy cleaning and colonial style.
  • Foam Filled Frames – Help with insulating and sound deadening.
  • Triple Pane Glass – For that extra measure of comfort.

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Top Reasons to Replace Old Windows:

  • Drafts – Old weather seals leak air and are just worn out. This usually happens first on the sunny side of the house or windows adjacent the roof. You really can feel drafts in the winter but they are still there in the summer leaking A/C. 10 or 12 old drafty windows are like having a brick size hole in your house! (3″x7″)
  • High Energy Bills – Replacement windows can out perform old single pane windows by approx. 130% to 280%.
  • Constant Painting – It’s expensive, messy and dangerous.
  • Rattles / Noises – This is caused by the shrinking of glazing compound on your windows. The vibration amplifies the sound from cars and trucks which shake the window just like an audio speaker!
  • Windows Won’t Open or Stick – This is caused by many coats of paint and swelling from moisture and heat.
  • Top Sash Drops or Bottom Sash Won’t stay up – The old Balances are either worn out or broke.
  • Cleaning – Need to use ladders or hang out windows to clean them? Both of these prospects are very dangerous! In addition you may have storm windows which must be removed, cleaned and also replaced.
  • Security – Most older windows lack the security measures used in new replacement windows. Some older windows can easily be opened by slipping something between the sashes and lock. In addition if they are single pane windows it only takes breaking one to enter the home.
  • Difficult (hard) to Open & Close – Windows that include storm windows and sashes take much longer to open and close. New replacement windows open and close with ease.


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