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What is Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass is a very thin film of silver that reflects heat waves, keeps your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also cuts down on the ultraviolet light that fades your carpet, furniture and drapes. Learn More

What is Argon Gas
Argon Gas is an invisible, odorless, inert gas that slows down the transfer of temperatures, better than air between the double insulated glass. Learn More

What is Krypton Gas
Krypton is nontoxic, nonreactive, clear, and odorless and has better thermal performance, and out performs argon gas in studies by over 50%.

What is Visual Transmittance (VT)
Visual transmittance is the amount of light in the visible portion of the spectrum that passes through a glazing material. A higher VT means there is more daylight in a space. The higher the better.

What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
SHGC is the fraction of solar radiation admitted through windows, either transmitted directly and/or absorbed, and subsequently released as heat inside a home. The lower the SHGC the better

What is U-Factor
A rating system to measure conduction of heat (lower is better). Department of Energy (Energy Star Program) Recommends in the Washington, DC area we should have a U-Factor of 0.40 or less.

U-Factor Chart (Center of Glass)

Your Old Single Pane of Glass 1.25
Dual Glazed / Clear Glass / Air 0.48
Dual Glazed / Low-E Glass / Argon Gas 0.30
Dual Glazed / Double Low-E Glass / Argon Gas 0.22
Triple Glazed / Double Low-E Glass / Argon-Kypton Gas / Foam Filled Frame 0.18

Grid Styles – Grills, Mullions

24 exterior Spectracoat colors available.

Window Styles
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Window Brands
Lansing 40 series/ Atrium 8300
PRO Series – Soft-Lite
Mezzo Series -Alside
50/50 Series – Simonton
5500 Series – Simonton

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